About us

And Now: was formed in 2013 to consolidate decades of working together by Ben Rigby and Mandy Dike.

Mandy: (Amanda Jane Dike Actually!) has been an artist, designer, maker, pyrotechnician, deviser, collaborator and creative director for over 30 years. Composing site-specific, event-specific and touring performance, mixing technique and art forms to create an aesthetic that works outside and in. Conjuring up beautiful, purposeful, fleeting experiences to inspire optimism and hope.

She was co-founder, Principal Designer and an associate director of The World Famous Fireworkers and has worked extensively with a number of other leading UK arts companies, significantly: Welfare State International, Walk the Plank, Theatre of Fire, Ludus Dance, Acme Productions and the development of the early outdoor productions at the Dukes Playhouse Lancaster.

Ben: (Idiot) has technically designed and made for performance and installation for over 20 years. Exploring systematic design and fabrication methods inspired by pattern and proportion. He has developed safe construction methods for large scale sculptural builds and has an individual passion for working with natural materials.

The political and economic context of artwork is integral to their approach.

And Now: draw together highly skilled, experienced teams of freelance pyrotechnicians, artist-makers, technical crew, production and site managers who have worked together over many years.

Audience experience is at the forefront; we make accessible work for people of all ages, gender, ability and ethnicity. We endeavour to create temporary communities sharing extraordinary first hand, simple, visceral experiences, leaving room for audiences to bring their own meaning to the event.

Central to our work, fire present and important in all cultures, speaks; it is symbolically strong; connecting with our primal beings, it inspires focusses and quickens minds. The energy of fire engages with emotions, passion, transformation, purification, contemplation, ceremony, wildness and beauty.

And Now: actively seek to work in spaces not specifically built for performance or exhibition.

We find opportunities for audience to engage with the immediacy of their surroundings. Creating work that focuses and draws together visual, cultural, social, historical and geographical contexts. We hope to develop more responsible, durational “slow-art” work that explores and merges the boundaries of visual and performance art, landscape, installation happenings and spectacle.

Family and life-cycle celebrations: we welcome every opportunity to do this.

Recently: And Now: have amongst other work created installations and shows for: Brighton Festival; SO Festival Skegness; Bestival; Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and Wakehurst Place; Enchanted Parks Newcastle Gateshead Initiative; Wilderness Festival; The Wye Valley AONB River Festival; Inside Out Festival Dorset; Bridport Arts Centre; The John Muir Festival Finale at Loch Lomond; Exeter Unexpected Festival; Halloween Lantern Carnival Liverpool;The Magna Carta Celebrations at Salisbury Cathedral.

Company Information:

We focus on the balance between addressing safety concerns whilst allowing the greatest possible intensity of experience and participation. All work is carried out with adherence to the company’s safety policies; our pyrotechnicians are BPA certified; we undertake event specific risk assessments and carry £10 million Public Liability Insurance.

Limited company number: 8423794

VAT number: 183 663189

Address: And Now: 19 Fairmead View, Box, Corsham, SN13 8ND

E-mail[email protected]

Phone: 07967 021042 or 01225 745765