Wayfaring: Residency in Wells-Next-the-Sea

On 29th May 2017

An observation of the ebbs and flows of the waters and the people with the tides and the times of day..

Many meetings and fish suppers: investigating the creaks, lanes and earthworks; undertaking a pilgrimage to Walsingham, reading the free newspapers and shop window notices, collecting together a feeling  for  Wells…It being on an edge.. a stepping off place …

Many permissions needed to be gained, these were helped by the conservation officer Sarah Henderson at Holkham Estate, Lucy Galvin and Tim Venes of North Norfolk Coastal Partnership.

Sarah Henderson supported us and made so much possible in relation to working on the sensitive site that is Wells Beach.. she directly responded with her team by resourcing the materials we hoped to work with from the estate and surrounding area, keeping and storing beach cleanings, and really helping us truly understand Wells Beach, its nature, the people who use it, its shifting energy and form.

Norwich and Norfolk Festival created a great supportive team that helped us find and work positively with a dedicated and energetic group of volunteers.