The Garden of Lost and Found

On 4th December 2018

Commisioned by Gateshead Council for Enchanted Parks. 

AndNow created a garden of flickering fires, illuminating a meadering pathway through the Rose Garden. Three revolving lantern carousels tell simple shadow stories depicting things lost and found. A performed character Mr Walford Broodie, ringmaster, fairground hawker,  travelling gent… engages with the audience and talks of things lost and found, a sixpence, a ring, a loved one, time, ships lost at sea, castaways found. He encourages the visitors to write a label describing what they would like to loose or find…or what they may have already lost and found… these canvas luggage labels are added to a growing collection that are tied onto the specially made installation fence-line for all to read.

The whole installation in underscored by a soundscape that creates an atmosphere of journeying, traveling fairs and circuses.