On 18th August 2019
We took our wood-fired samovar to Welshampton and served refreshments to the dancers, musicians and festival goers at the fantastic 7th North Shropshire Cajun and Zydeco Festival, a joyous celebration of Cajun, Creole and Louisiana roots music.
The samovar designed by AndNow was built by one of the leading moonshine still makers in Arkansas USA using time honoured copper working skills.
• We have served thousands of cups of tea from the Samovar up and down the country…
• Our Samovar is made from pure copper with a tolerance of 0.1 impurity, it is the universal standard for distilleries, breweries and sweet manufacturers. The samovar’s design incorporates the structure of a Benghazi Boiler and Kelly Kettle,
• Copper has been used for Millenia for providing safe storage for water and food production it is naturally anti microbial.
• Copper is necessary for the maintenance of many of our bodily functions, including the immune and digestive systems, It is believed that drinking copper water regularly is good for your joints, it is a brain stimulant.. it helps eliminate free radicles, slows down ageing, aids weight loss.. decreases wound healing times…..its miraculous!
• Traditionally pride of place was reserved for a samovar at the table at times of festivity and celebration. Ceremonies that embodied warm-hearted hospitality were centred around the Samovar. Russian people believe that samovars have souls. It was common to say that “a samovar is singing”
Of all beverages, tea alone has the proverbial power to relieve sadness and melancholy. Tea the cup that cheers. The samovar that dispenses it is a time-honored symbol of hospitality.
• We  served a selection of teas and coffees including a very refreshing Russian Samovar tea, and a fresh  home herb mix.