On 4th July 2015

Beach Festival Finale commissioned by SO Festival Skegness.

As the daylight fades behind the silhouetted sand dunes of Skegness the evolving story of a colourful landscape unfolds.

An emerging shape is brought to life by a shifting play of light; is this a seascape, landscape or promenade?

A choreographed performance by local  groups, accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack featuring the Skegness Silver Band playing live together with spectacular fireworks and multiple fiery effects animate the ups, downs, twists and turns of the fantasy.

Following on from last year’s beach extravaganza  And Now: will create a celebration of Skegness as a seaside resort; the joy of holidays, and the perilous rollercoaster ride of one bold little duckling!

See our  Shoal commissioned for SO festival 2014.