Oerol: Wayfaring

On 6th June 2018

A large-scale installation on the land and in the sea created over two weeks with the finale resolution closing the festival.

Using local and found materials, AndNow: crafted an installation that the audience could move through, investigate and contribute to; culminating in a resolution event with music, performance and fire transforming the installation into an intimate celebrations for everybody there to come together, their paths crossing at that one time in that one place.

In Terschelling AndNow: explored the ever present tension between land and sea, what can or should be held onto, what are the basic requirements for life, home, who has a voice, how do we create a balance, where do we draw the line, we are all moving around, we all come from somewhere. How do we welcome people and how can they contribute. We worked with local artists Victor Frederik and Maaike Ebbing who worked with all the primary school age children of the island to create a portrait of themselves to create one of the installation boundaries, 360 faces looking out..

Wayfaring, a major  landscape art commission by And Now:, was at the heart of the ambitious three-year landscape art project Life Cycles and Landscapes that ran from 2016-2019.  The project was partnership between Activate, producers of the Inside Out Dorset festival, artists And Now: and Landscapes for Life, the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty,

Wayfaring took place in four locations in 2018: Wells in Norfolk as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Basildon Park in Berkshire in the Thames Valley in partnership with the National Trust, the Newbury Corn Exchange and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Maiden Castle in Dorset, as part of Activate’s Inside Out Dorset festival; plus the Dutch island of Terschelling, as part of the Oerol festival.There were also creative exploration workshops in the Chilterns, North Wessex downs and Bournemouth.