Chingford May Day Fayre

On 5th May 2019

On 4 May 2019, thousands gathered on Chingford Plain for Chingford May Day Fayre, a day of feasting, fun and fire created by AndNow, Gareth Hughes, Bicycle Ballet and hundreds of local residents as part of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019.

Chingford May Day Fayre was a celebration of May Day – the International Day of the Worker – and the invention of the modern bicycle; the mode of transport invented by Walthamstow born and raised John Kemp Starley, that helped democratise travel for the working classes.

Thousands formed a procession on bicycles through the urban woodland to Chingford Plain, bordering Epping Forest. People came on foot, bicycle  and public transport to picnic and take part.

Through song, feasting, and dance – we marked the turning of the seasons in a very special place. A kilometre of bunting made by the local community, bicycle sculptures, arts and crafts took place in tents, a giant salad toss to compliment the free food served and eaten, stories told, poetry spoken then bundles of kindling created, labeled with fears and hopes, then transported across the field to the fires, tea was drunk and processions took place around the fires, then music, performance the burning and fireworks topped off a great day of celebration. (IS THIS A SENTENCE?)