On 30th June 2019

An installation on the edge of the Camargue with live art interventions in the local towns and a performative resolution event.

AndNow created a temporary installation on the flood plane of the Rhone, using materials washed up there to make a space that allowed for conversation, questions to be asked; the contemplation of change, how everything moves and is fluid; what it means or how it feels to be on the edge, and what are the dynamic tensions of this place; what is held onto and what is let go, is this sacrifice?

Bord was funded by LAND (Land stewards AND artists), it was led by Oerol festival in cooperation with partners Activate Performing Arts in the UK, Le Citron Jaune in France and Artopolis / PLACCC Festival in Hungary.

LAND partners worked in conjunction with key land stewards/environmental organisations in each country, to offer the landscape as a field of experimentation in the hope of reuniting what is often seen as disunited or separate; humanity and its environment, art and nature, science and experience.