And Now: A Nwar

On 1st November 2020

AndNow: North Wales

In a very uncertain atmosphere we took a leap of faith and moved ourselves and AndNow to North Wales. We managed to buy a dilapidated smallholding: 26 acres of biodiversity. The move was, in part, a reaction to a window of opportunity… finding ourselves all of a sudden with no work and a real chance to realise some of the changes we have been hankering after making for a good while.

We have come to this place to try and create a space where we can establish a creative connection between this land, ourselves, and our creative endeavours; combining our art work with establishing an organic smallholding: art farming.

Seizing this opportunity to scrutinise our processes and practice: to divine what is important to us, what the intrinsic characteristics of our work are, what is our relationship to culture and our part in the creation of that culture, what do we endeavour to communicate and why?

The want to be part of a solution rather than part of the very loudly heralded problem…

To make a place that we can continue to make work from in a wholehearted way.