Yn gyfredol ac yn flaenorol

1st December 2013

Fire Mandala: Kew Gardens

Inspired by the geometric patterns of nature this installation was  a parabolically curved Fermat’s spiral: somewhat like ...

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2nd November 2013

Owl Tree

A sculptural fire an fireworks for the Halloween Lantern Carnival Finale. A great pleasure to work with The Lantern Compan...

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1st October 2013

Lost On Earth

Set made for Dot Comedy’s touring street show. Set design by Philip Eddolls....

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25th August 2013

Crammer Constellation

A performed floating fire and pyrotechnical installation themed on water and celestial bodies. The Crammer is the pond ou...

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11th April 2013


Fire and set design and make for Southpaw Dance touring show. See Faust at SO Festival....

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23rd February 2013

Exeter Riddles

Pyrotechnical punctuations, flames and finale fireworks in collaboration with Mischief La Bas....

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1st November 2012

Floating Fires

Floating fire installation at Liverpool’s Halloween Lantern Carnival for The Lantern Company. Also see other finales for...

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1st January 2012

Past Sculptural Bonfires

Over the past decades we, whether as And Now: or with other companies, have designed, technically designed and built, in conj...

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1st January 2012

Past World Famous Works

Mandy Dike was a co-founder, an associate director and an artistic lead of The World Famous: it was a significant body of wor...

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